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An Act of Bravery

This morning I was looking for something to write about, had a little case of writers block that is until I came across a story on the C.B.C.s website. The story was about a boy scout, as a former scout myself I felt this story needed some more attention. On the island of Horafushi, the president of Maldives was saved by a boy scout when a man jumped out of the crowd at a welcoming event. The reason why I think this story needs more attention is that this selfless act of heroism gets buried beneath other issues such as the primaries for the U.S. elections.

The man who jumped out of the crowd had a knife in his hand and was attempting to stab the president in the stomach. The boy scout, Mohamed Jaisham Ibrahim injured his hand while thwarting the attack and was flown to Male for further treatment after complaining he couldn't move his fingers.

I think we all can rise to the occasion and show everybody that despite rising political tensions violence doesn't solve them. Political issues require diplomacy to resolve them and not violence. Violence begets violence, its a simple and proven fact. Sometimes it takes a heroic act to show us all that violence doesn't solve anything. What do you think?

News Story: Boy scout thwarts attack on Maldives president

Image source: A History of the Boy Scouts of America


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