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Welcome To 2008

With all the turmoil our world is facing, it is nice to post about something that is less depressing then world news. Today is the start of a new year, 2008 and reports are coming in that the majority of the festivities went off with out incident. Even in war torn Iraq the only bullets fired were ones by party goers to celebrate the new year.

It was a fine celebration worldwide, but my question for you is; did you make any New Years resolutions? Personally I don't believe in making New Years resolutions, I have been setting goals for myself every month. The goal I set for this 'weblog' was to get an average of 20 visits per day, I am happy to report that for the month of December I had 799 total visits and 1139 page views. I reached my goal, even exceeded it slightly.

Now my attention turns to 2008. Should I set monthly goals, weekly goals, or goals for the year? Goals are more important than New Years Resolutions, I find it easier to attain a goal than to keep a New Years resolution. So since I am on the topic, I am going to mention two of my goals for the month of January. First is to get an average of 30 visits per day to this blog, and an average of 5 visits per day to my secondary blog Majik's World. And my second goal for January, is to post a minimum of 20 posts for the month.

Well thats my New Years post, Happy New Year to all.

Image: Rob Griffith/Associated Press
News Story: Revellers around the globe welcome 2008


Stinkypaw said...

May 2008 be the best year of your life and may it be filled with good friends, good health, good luck and good things!

Rebellious Arab Girl said...

Happy New Year! :)

Marjie said...

Well Hello Majik....hope you have a wonderful year ahead of you.

Jesni said...


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Happy New Year

Majik2903 said...

@ stinkypaw,
Thanks for droppin in and I hope 2008 is very kind to you!

@rebellious arab girl
Happy New Year!

Best wishes for the new year!

Thanks for the info. Hope you have happy new year!

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