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Some Ones Destroying the Rain Forests Again

Today I read a rather disturbing article. At least I find it disturbing. Apparently deforestation has been on the rise in the past few months. Its alarming because deforestation increases the amounts of carbon in our atmosphere and contributes to Global Warming. Some think that the rate of deforestation for this year will be higher than 2007.

How many times did you heard about deforestation last year? I didn't hear very much about it last year. I remember a lot of information about Climate Change as well as a recent U.N. hosted Climate Change conference in Bali, Indonesia. There really wasn't that much in the news about deforestation. While the war in Iraq still rages on and Canadians are stilled killed by insurgents in Afghanistan, news from the two fronts on the war on terror keep us preoccupied. Our climate is changing and we have to change with it.

We have been changing the face of our planet for our own purposes for thousands of years, is it not time for us to work towards more of a harmony with our planet. Granted we need to grow food and raise animals for food, but how much of the forests do we have to remove to do that? Not that long ago I was reading some information on where some 'fair trade' coffees are grown and learned that in order to grow better coffee beans, the plants grow better and produce a higher quality of coffee bean when grown in amongst large trees. It was interesting to find out that coffee requires a forest canopy to produce a high quality coffee.

The article I read about an increase in deforestation was interesting to say the least, but I thought I would share a couple of my thoughts about Climate Change and deforestation in this post. The tangent about coffee should illustrate the fact that even plants need plants, every animal and plant on earth seem to be intertwined in a web of necessity. We are dependant on the fruits of the earth and we are only killing ourselves by disrupting the natural balance of things. Well, those are my thoughts, what do you think?

Image source: Monga Bay
News Story: Amazon deforestation surging again - scientist


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