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U.S. Healthcare???

I was originally thinking about posting a rant about Britney Spears and her dominance in the head lines, but I received my daily email from Reuters Alert Net and found a different story. This one was based on a report from a survey of 3500 people over the age of 19, the survey was on health insurance. According to the surveys results 68% of Americans think that every individual should have health insurance and government aid should be provided for those who cannot afford health insurance. This is being reflected by both Republican and Democratic candidates for the up coming U.S. Federal election.

I find this interesting because here in Canada we have a health care system. Its interesting because there have been many debates over our health care system amongst Canadians, but the fact that health care is making its way into U.S. politics is really quite interesting. I've heard and seen a few different points of view on government funded health care and its interesting to see that with the rise of medical fees no one in the U.S. seems to want a government funded health care system which makes life more affordable for the average person. This recent survey would suggest otherwise.

Obviously times are changing. The average person needs access to doctors and medical care, which needs to be affordable. A health care system would help the average person get to see a doctor when needed. Is this a good move for Americans? What do you think?

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News Story: Most in US back mandatory health coverage-study


The Cheap Gourmet said...

As an American, I have mixed views on this topic. While, I feel it is very important for everyone to have access to decent medical care, I believe socialized medicine would create even more problems. Fortunately, I have insurance; however, many of the medical "professionals" I have dealt with offer low-quality care and really don't have a clue what they are doing.

Case in point, four years ago I was diagnosed with Sjogren's - an autoimmune disease. It took nearly ten years of suffering before the medical professionals could figure it out. I went on to co-author a book about autoimmunity which was backed by more than 10 years of combined research.

After relocating to a new state, I was forced to find a new doctor. I visited 4 doctors, none of which knew anything about Sjogren's. Thinking that sharing my book with them would help them understand was a big mistake. They were exceptionally offended and had the mindset that I was an idiot because I don't have an M.D. associated to my name.

I have found many American doctors and dentists to be close-minded, arrogant individuals who believe they are supreme to all others. I have received little, to no, help from them and have found that taking care of my disease my own way is less detrimental to my health.

I think it's time we educate doctors to alternative treatments and get rid of the FDA before we venture into social medicine. Unfortunately millions will die needlessly before the Powers that Be get their head out of their butts.

Just by two cents...

Majik2903 said...

Cheap Gourmet
Thank you for stopping by and leaving your two cents. I am thrilled to get an american perspective on this topic. Here in Canada we do have social healthcare and yes it does have flaws but it does help to pay for medical expenses. Not everything is covered and we do have to pay for some things that are not covered, but we do have easy access to doctors which is very important when some one is sick.


Buddy and His Mom said...

Ouch! this is a touchy subject. I'm against socialized medicine on the basis that it already exists and is failing horribly in terms of welfare/medicaid in the US. It is failing on two fronts: 1. patients get substandard medical care because "they're just welfare scum anyways, and who cares?!" I had a disabled foster child who got the free medical care, and it sucked! I ended up taking her to doctors that we had to pay for in order to get real treatment. 2. free medicine will not only reduce the quality of the care, but will only encourage lazy parasites to fill up the emergency rooms to have their hangnails and headaches treated. Yes, I have some very strong feelings on this, and NO, I do not have medical insurance, nor am I lazy enough (er, um poor enough) to qualify for Medicaid. I am "working poor" and I'm against socialized medicine.

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