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Ozzy Osbourne In the News.

Do you think Ozzy Osbourne could be a news anchor? Do you think he could manage to be an anchor on Anderson Cooper 360? I saw an interesting video with Anderson Cooper and Ozzy Osbourne on C.N.N.s website.

From what I've seen of Ozzy's interviews, speaking clearly is sometimes not one of his strong points. Has he been able to speak clearly enough in recent times to be understood as news anchor? Well the video of Ozzy on AC360 shows that he could do it.

What do you think? Can Ozzy manage to become an announcer on AC360?

Image Source: Satan Stole My Teddy bear
News Story: C.N.N.


Anonymous said...

I don't really know of Ozzy, but have yet to figure out what the big deal is with him.

We must truly be desperate to hope for any actual leadership from misplaced icons?

Good blog topic, nonetheless.

Anonymous said...

I'd totally watch...just for the laugh value. I used to watch his reality show...he was hilarious!

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