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Afganistan is Getting Brave

Has the effort to rebuild Afghanistan given Prime Minister Hamid Karzai too much confidence in his troops? I read a report today stating that Karzai is threatening to send Afghan troops into Pakistan to search and destroy Taliban insurgents. There still are over ten thousand international troops in Afghanistan making an effort to stabilize the nation, Canada has 2500 troops doing their part in the region. Granted every nation has the right to defend itself, is this the right course to pursue?

Is threatening a nation with nuclear capabilities a good idea? Not even if you have nuclear capabilities. Especially if your nation is not yet stable. Afghanistan does not have nuclear capabilities as well there still are International contingents of troops within the country dedicated to stabilizing the nation. This really is a bold move by the Afghan Prime Minister.

Granted this seems like an act of desperation. Karzai has pleaded with International forces to deal with the cross-border attacks but this was the first threat he's made. One could argue that if a plea for help defending oneself they have to defend themselves in which ever way they see fit. But what does Pakistan say about all of this?

Pakistan can understand why Karzai would want to stop cross-border attacks but says that the border is too long to post troops on it. It is in Pakistan's interest to have stable neighbors but will not tolerate those who interfere with their territorial limits. What does all of this have to do with Canadians? Other than affecting our troops serving in Afghanistan, it gives us more of a reason to want them home. If this threat goes any further I really think we should withdraw our support. If Karzai wants to begin a war with a more powerful nation before his country is stable than Canada should pull out of Afghanistan.

Pakistan has not always been cooperative when dealing with terrorists. If they want to prevent a war with Afghanistan they should work with Karzai to get the Taliban out of Pakistan. But are they harboring the Taliban? We won't really know for sure until the history books have been recorded on this scuffle in the middle east.

News source: Karzai threatens to send Afghan forces into Pakistan


Tam said...

My thoughts go out to 2,500 brave Canadian men, I sincerely wish they all make it home safe and sound.

BillyWarhol said...

I just read that* I don't blame Karzai for speaking up about the Taliban Clowns that pour in freely over the border with Pakistan raise havoc + kill people + then scurry home to their Safe Havens*

We Canadians want to Help those People in Afghanistan - the poor uneducated Women living under bullshit Taliban Laws come to mind - but I think we in the Lucky West have seen just how difficult it is to Do anything*


Sahasi said...

Is it Afghanistan becoming brave or America shooting on Afghanistan's shoulder...

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