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Emergency Toilet Repair!

Since Entrecard is still down I got to spend some time going through different News Networks' pages today. It seems that the toilet on the ISS (International Space Station) is partially broken down. The Space shuttle Discovery was launched yesterday carrying emergency plumbing supplies and the Japanese Kibo laboratory. I wonder what a leaky toilet would look like in space? Another important note for Canadians is that an ex-pat will be joining the crew of the Space Station for the next six months.

Going forward with the construction of the Space Station is a very important step for all of mankind. We have had a need to search out the unknown since before Columbus swore that the earth was round and not flat. We have come a long way since we have discovered that the earth is indeed round and we still have a lot more ground to cover. Creating an outpost for humanity in the darkness of space will help us get to Mars and beyond. Where am I going with this? Anyway, it is important that a Canadian ex-pat will be joining the crew of the ISS for the next six months.

I'm not sure if many of you have heard but the Canadian Space Agency is looking for more astronauts. I doubt I have much chance of becoming one, but I am sure there are quite a few Canadians who are willing to try. This has not been the first time the CSA has been looking to increase their number of employee's and I am sure that it will not be the last time either. I hope to hear more on their recruitment in the coming months. I also hope that they get that toilet they have on the station fixed as well, that could get really messy. All that urine floating around can't be good for the crew. Anyway be of luck to the Astronauts throughout their current mission!

Image Source: NASA
News Story: Shuttle lifts off with Montreal-born astronaut aboard


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~*~Shadow.Crystal~*~ said...

This kind makes me happy to be a loser earthling. ;-)

Jojo said...

LOL! A leak scene in space? I have not been in space except when I am dreaming but I think that sounds pretty gross.

I Love Philippines! said...

I wonder about my chances either! ^_^ Hmmm, how would it feel to be an astronaut? Never experienced it yet... and why was the ISS having problems anyway... blame it to aliens! (Grin grin grin)

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