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Looking Up!

This is a tree in my back yard that I just looked up and realized what a cool picture it would make. I may not be a photographer but now that I have a flash card reader it is much easier to get pictures on my computer so I got a little snap happy!


~*~Shadow.Crystal~*~ said...

That picture is gorgeous... keep on taking pictures like that, and you'll be able to say you're a photographer! :-)

Joy said...

Beautiful photo! :)

Buzzing J said...

Nice tree :)

The WLL said...

A sunny sunny day! Where is that image taken? i mean, which country you took the picture? Is it natural or with PS? Anyway, a lot of questions! Cool and refreshing image. I would love taking photos as well but my camera is not that good, or I am not that good in using it... i just don't know whch is which.

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