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Random Comment Contest

I've enjoyed reading your comments since I have started this contest. I will be continuing this contest for as long as I am signed up with Entrecard. Some of your comments have been really useful and entertaining so why stop now?

Anyway I would also like to announce the winner of last weeks Randomly selected Comment: Shinade from The Painted Veil has won this weeks 100ec. Keep those comments coming and I will announce another winner next weekend.

And for those that have commented on last weeks "Wordless Wednesday" ... of course I will be posting after pictures of my summer project. I just have to finish it first!


Shinade said...

Oh my goodness,
I didn't even realize there was a contest.

I just really, really hate my backporch and we have lived there for 7 years.

It's still not fixed!!

Thank you so very very much!! You made my entire day just light up!!

I hope you had a great week-end!!

Thanks again!!:-)))))

:-) MaryLou said...

Good luck with your back porch project! We have a big back deck that's had something done to it every year for the past six years. It's nice to be outside, though, so we don't mind working on it.

Just imagine how much fun you'll have when it's all finished!


Shinade said...

Okie I hope you hate me.

But, now that we all know about yur back porch we or I should say I would like to know more.

So tag you are it. I do so hope you will play along!!:-)))))

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