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A Quick Update

I have been doing some relaxing trying to relieve some of the stress that kept building between January of this year and about a week ago. I have been busy working on content for my creative writing blog as well as working on my third blog. Writing has become soothing for me, although the tranquilizers my doctor has me on have also been a huge help.

I don't enjoy being on medication so I hope that I will be able to get some sleep with out having to take the tranquilizers. I haven't forgot about this blog. After I get some house work done tomorrow I am planning on taking my aging camera out to the beach near by and hopefully find a few shots that will be good for another Wordless Wednesday here. There have been a lot of interesting stories in the news lately that I would like to try and write something on, but I have to finish work on what will be my first guest post.

If anybody would like me to write a guest post for them please contact me through a comment here on my blog. But in other news I'm getting a kick out of the stories surrounding Barrack Obama and Hillary Clinton. American politics always tends to amuse me. Another announcement for you is that I will be working on an updating schedule for all three of my blogs. I have already decided that every Wednesday and Saturday there will be a new part of my web-novel for any of you that are interested; added to my creative writing blog.

The time away from work has given me an opportunity to focus more on my writing and getting better. I would much rather prefer to write full time as it is far less stressful then working for someone else. I will be adding a donate button for anyone who is generous enough to purchase a coffee for me. That is all I have for now, thank you all for you comments and please take the time to check out all of my blogs.

Majik signing off ... for now.


bonoriau said...

U are invite to be my guest blogger. thanks for always dropping by

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