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Another Nation Added to the United Nations Roll Call

I have to admit, I'm addicted to current events; especially when the news is about a fledgling democratic state. I read today on my favourite news network's website that Kosovo is following in the footsteps of its neighbour, Montenegro and declaring its independence from Serbia. Of course there are a couple of objectors to the diplomatic move, like Serbia and Russia. Russia even called for an emergency session of the United Nations over the matter. There are few things that can be done to stop the state of Kosovo from becoming its own sovereign state, considering the European Union and the United States are supporting the move.

Whether or not this move for independance will bring more stability to area is not really known. Ambassadors from Europe and the U.S. are asking all parties involved not to resort to violence which tells me that there are a lot of people unhappy about Kosovo becoming a sovereign and democratic state. This just seems to be the nature of change in today's world, people make moves to become independent of large conglomerates and other people's first instinct is to panic. I guess that's just human nature, but really, change is good.

With all of the unrest in the world, a change towards a democratic independent state is good news. As to how it would affect the average Canadian, well let's just say we will have another competitor for the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver. Of course there will be an effort from Kosovo to get Canada to acknowledge them as an independent state, but that really doesn't affect the average Canadian. I'm sure that the Canadian government would be willing to support Kosovo's independence. Well that's my opinion, what do you think about Kosovo becoming independent?

Image Source: Wiki Commons
News Story: Kosovo declares independence


Steve said...

Love your blog! Anytime a former dictatorship becomes democratic, it's time for celebration! I applaud Kosovo's independence, and wish them well! From your southern neighbor,

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