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Not Your Average News

Today I was checking out my favourite source for news and came across a story that really is out of the norm. The story was about a man's body being found in an irrigation ditch in Alberta, what's unusual about the story is that the man had been decapitated. This kind of thing does not happen here in Canada very often, in fact this is the first time I heard about something even remotely like this here in Canada.

What is our country coming to? Granted that our population has grown a little bit and some crime rates have gone up, I've heard about a few different murders in the past couple of months, but a decapitation? What kind of a person would cut someone's head off? I've watched a few informative television programs that explain that decapitation is not as easy as it looks.

Back to the news article, police are having some trouble identifying the body. This story broke last Friday, at the time police were still looking for the head. They say the person was the product of a high level of violence. But seriously this is not an average story.

The R.C.M.P. are not releasing any information, it is too soon to know any motives or even the cause of death. There were multiple abrasions and injuries on the body, it's too soon to know of the head was severed before or after death. After reading this story, I feel better knowing that I have some distance between me and the place this unidentified body was found. None the less this is a tragedy; lets hope the police can find the person who did this.

Image source: Dirk Ingo Franke
News Story: Unidentified body found in Alberta ditch was decapitated


Launchpad said...

Maybee the victim and the assailant worked together, I have seen you want to decapitate more than 1 person some mornings and after ten hours that number only rises.

C K said...

Er.. this is abit morbid but I think the head is removed to slow down police investigation. Sopranos (tv series) often depict that act. The gangsters in the show are more interested in hiding the head more than anything else.

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