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What's In the Water?

Today I read an article about the C.D.C. suppressing a report on pollution in the great lakes area. I must say that I am a little concerned about this. Really makes me wonder, what's in the water? I don't live very far from one of the great lakes and most of our tap water is purified near the lake, but with the news of a report on pollution in the great lakes I am concerned. Any one else in the great lakes area should be concerned as well.

If there is any health risks derived from chemicals in the great lakes, then we need to know. I don't know if they are afraid of widespread panic or just the astronomical cost of cleaning up the lakes. Either way people in those areas need to know the results of the study. If you were in a high risk area don't you deserve to know about the potential health risks in the area? I certainly want to know the health risks.

There have been people trying to get the study into the public eye. Two Canadians, Mike Gilbertson and Herb Gray are both trying to get the Centers for Disease Control to release the study. This could affect millions of people in the great lakes area both Canadian and American. What do you think, should they release the results of the study as soon as possible? Why do you think they are delaying the release of the study?


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