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Drub Prohibition

I read a rather controversial article today on the C.B.C.s website. The article was about the war on drugs. I found it really informative considering that there is a 10000 member orginization that is for the legalization of drugs. Interesting. I've been in some interesting debates with friends about the legalization of marijuana and some very interesting points were made.

I understand that marijuana can be used for medicinal purposes. A friend of mine has a note from his doctor allowing him to legally smoke marijuana. I won't mention any names. As for the legalization of marijuana, I can't say I'm totally for it but I also can't say that I'm for it. Granted that there are lots of medicinal uses for different herbs, some people just smoke marijuana for fun. The article also mentions the legalization of heroin, that I know where I stand, absolutely not. Any drug that requires a needle to 'catch a buzz' doesn't interest me. I know heroin can be sniffed as well, but that doesn't interest me either.

What do you think about the issue of legalizing these two drugs? For me, the lesser of the two can be decriminalized, but I wouldn't vote for legalizing heroin. I'm sure the government would have a lot of money to gain from legalizing these drugs, but what about the current legal drugs, alcohol and tobacco? Granted there are much different affects from the use of different drugs, but isn't our society strained enough with the current legal drugs out on the market? What's your opinion on legalizing marijuana?

New Story: Drug legalization proposed at conference on drug use


ettarose said...

It's funny how the legalization of any drug is so taboo by many people. It used to be I was very vocal about my feelings about marijuana but with my age I am quiet about it now. I honestly would rather have marijuana be legal than alcohol.Driving and drinking are the deadliest combination there is. Stoners don't even like to drive. I know there are people who say marijuana leads to harder drugs but most of these people have an addictive personality and are going to go for the drug that really takes them away from the real world and marijuana just doesn't do this. If you look at the animal world even they get stoned! Elephants eat a certain gourd and get wasted, birds eat some berries and get drunk. There are many more that I don't have room to write about. I guess my answer would be to legalize marijuana only. It is the only drug that is NOT addictive. I am living proof.

Majik2903 said...

Thank you for stopping by and leaving your two cents. Its good to hear that others are in support of legalizing marijuana. You're right, most stoners prefer not to drive and if they do they are usually the ones going slower than the posted speed limit.

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