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News From Space!

Well it's official now, the shuttle Atlantis is in orbit. This is definitely good news for the European Space Agency (E.S.A.) considering the pay load on the shuttle is the E.S.A.s Columbus research module. The module has been in limbo for too long, even though the delays gave engineers longer to make upgrades to the systems on board.

The space shuttle left the launch pad on Thursday of last week and docked with the International Space Station yesterday. Attaching the Columbus research module is said to require three space walks or extra vehicular activities. So far there has been no mention of using the stations robotic arm to attach the module just the shuttles robotic arm. Although I'm sure the Canadian technology will be used during the space walks to give astronaughts a work platform.

Astronaughts on board will also be conducting an inspection of Atlantis' wings. The initial backflip performed by Commander Stephen Frick allowed for footage of the shuttles heat shields to be recorded. The U.S. Space agency doesn't expect to see anything that could endanger the crew upon re-entry.

All in all it is good to hear that the International Space Station program is making progress. One of our most challenging construction projects, albeit far behind schedule, is finally moving forward. My only thoughts about this news is, its about time!

News Story: Shuttle docks with space station
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SciFiDrive said...

Good news for the shuttle Atlantis hope NASA can come up with the next generation space transport soon. Enough astronauts died due to mismanagement.

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