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"March"ing Forward

Well it's the beginning of March and last month was a good step forward. Lots of people came visit my humble blog. Although I didn't update my blog as often as I have been doing in previous months, mostly because I was working on my other blog Majik's World which needed my attention. Also long hours at work left me mentally drained. But this is a new month and I will try and find more time to update this blog.

As for what March will bring to this blog as of now I am not sure. Last night while I was out with some friends the topic of a recent spike in the price of gas came up, so I may have some more on that topic. I've also been switching between Starbucks and Tim Horton's for my morning coffee, so I may have another comparison to write, the words still haven't come to me yet. Plus I am moving my home office into the basement this month so I will inevitably be busy this month.

Recently I've been making an attempt to reciprocate your card drops. Some days it is hard, usually those days when I get over 100 drops in a day, and I have Entrecard on my other blog as well so you may only get one of my two Entrecards a day, but it does double up the amount of drops I make in a day. I hope you will keep coming back to see what I'm up to and drop you card along the way. Until the next start of the month post, Peace and Thanks for visiting!


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