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Google Is Making News Again

What will the think tanks at Google come up with next? I was reading an interesting article today about a letter to the Federal Communications Commission from none other than Google. Apparently Google wants to use the currently unused television frequencies to provide wireless Internet service. I know this sounds a little odd, Google becoming an Internet service provider, at least to me it sounds a little odd. I am quite used to Google being one of the most popular search engines; not an Internet service provider. I can see how the white space is underused considering that most people have either cable or satellite; all of the channels that were previously used by television broadcasters is full of white noise.

Now on the other hand, opening up the unused channels for wireless broadband use could introduce greater competition into the Internet Service market. With a greater supply usually brings lower prices; at least in cases other than crude oil. Would you like to get your Internet service for less? I certainly would like to pay less for my Internet service. This is not the first time Google has tried to convince the F.C.C. to open up television white space.

As I read on in the article I learned that Google is developing some mobile phone software. Can you imagine dealing with Google for your cellular service? I don't know how far away the software is from being released or even if it will be limited to new releases of Blackberry type handsets. Apparently the new software (known as android) will boost their grip on the online advertising market. Another reason Google maybe after opening up television white space is to encourage other businesses to develop new technologies to utilize the white space. I could be way of the mark on that one; but Google as of yet does not have a business model for the white space.

As for how this impacts Canadians; well I certainly will have more to talk about around the water cooler at work. But on a larger scale; I think it would eventually bring more choice into our economy. I know it will not be introduced in Canada as fast as it would in the U.S. considering that some companies treat Canadians as second class American citizens. But what do I know? I'm just a blogger trying to give you something to think about. Anyway, that was my opinion; what's yours?

News Story: Google wants to turn unused TV airwaves into wireless Internet
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NaijaEcash said...

Sometime I begin to get scared that Google is becoming too big and too powerful.
Well I will love to payless for my internet connection :-)

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