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Global Protests for Tibet

I was browsing through a few different news network websites today and read an interesting article. Apparently the peaceful protests of Tibetan monks that turned into riots on the fourteenth of March has caught the attention of protesters around the globe. I first saw a segment on television one day while I was off sick from work, I thought about writing a post about it then but ended up getting distracted. From what I have read and seen on TV is that the protests are over human rights. In Toronto 1000 people showed up to urge the Federal government to put more pressure on China to improve their poor human rights record.

China now has stopped the riots and protests in Tibet; but nothing seems to be stopping other protesters. From what I understand China has used its military muscle to cull the protests in Lhasa. The Chinese report that over 600 people were injured in the destruction and fires that broke out during the protests. To contrast the Chinese reports of 22 people deceased; exile groups are claiming that 99 people died in the riot. This just goes to show you that the communist Chinese government is in the business of disinformation.

Now what does this have to do with Canadians? Well there are a few things that would impact Canadians. The protests could impact the Olympic games in Beijing which could impact participation in the games. Our Government could introduce sanctions that would affect our imports and exports to China. There are many things that could happen. These are just my opinions, what are yours?

Image Source: Wiki Media Commons
News Story: Canadians protest against violence in Tibet


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