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We Need Alternative Fuels Now!

Have you heard about the price of oil recently? I read an article today that states that the troubled greenback is driving the price of oil even higher. The cost of a barrel of oil rose to $110.33 today. This is insane. We all need fuel for our vehicles so we can keep the capitalist machine working; but how are we going to do that while we are being ripped off at the gas pump?

Now certainly is the time for alternative fuels to dominate the market place. Granted that with a better rate of exchange with the American greenback the price of gas should see a slight drop; but we are seeing the exact opposite. When are we going to show the oil barons that we can live with out them? I hope that day is sooner than later. The longer we are willing to pay high prices to fill our tanks the longer the oil barons win. And driving those SUVs certainly doesn't make matters any better.

I know that bio-diesel is a good alternative, much cleaner than regular diesel fuel, but the demand is still low. With gas prices unaffected by demand we have to do something just to keep food on the table. We cannot just sit back and let people empty our pockets for us.

As for how this affects Canadians, well we've been paying a higher price for gas than Americans for years and that is not going to change. Unfortunately the troubled American dollar is forcing the cost of oil up. Having a better exchange rate with the greenback just gives the oil barons more of a reason to gouge us; it's really quite ignorant. I'm sure we will hear more and more excuses as to why the cost of gas is going up, but those alternative fuels that are in the future should really be in the present. Maybe when we use more alternative fuels for our cars and trucks; the price of gas will come down. But until that day, we must aspire to bring alternative fuels to the market place.

Well that's my opinion, what's yours?

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News Story: Oil rises to new highs as U.S. dollar weakens


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