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Drop Your Card, See If I Follow

I know the title of this post sounds a little pretentious; but you should read all of this post to understand why I have chosen that title. Now the majority of my traffic of late has been from Entrecard, for all of you who drop your card on me "Thank you!" But this is not why I have chosen to write a post about Entrecard. The reason I am writing this post is to let all of you who stop in to drop you card know that I will attempt to reciprocate your drop. If I have missed a drop on you on any given day, the most likely reason is that I have received a large number of drops before I first sign in. Unfortunately you can only see the last 98 drops in your "Drop Inbox."

Some of you may notice that I have changed templates as well. I hope this makes reading a little easier. Now that I'm on a tangent I will come back to where I was headed. I also wanted to mention the Top 5 'Droppers' on my widget and give you some link love. Here are my top 5 'Droppers' on my Entrecard widget.

#1 Chalk is Cheap
#2 Money, Love, and Change
#3 Look 4 Dream Girls
#4 Mobile eBook Etc
#5 CK Marketing

I think I will write another post like this next month. Maybe you will be in my top 5 next month. Keep dropping and we will soon see.

Image Source: Entrecard


Michael Aulia said...

Hi, you should join our "U drop I Follow" movement. This way the dropper will know that you'll always reciprocate/drop back :)

Mobile eBooks said...

Hi, Majik. I didn't know that I'm included in your top five droppers. I'm simply reciprocating those in my inbox. Thanks for the link. Haven't check mine.

arnold said...

Thanks a lot for the link. I would like to take this opportunity to let everyone know that you are indeed someone who does what they promise. Your Entrecard graphic has become a permanent fixture in my EC Inbox, it is always there. Thanks.

Cyn said...

I'm a dropper! I'm making a list of bookmarks, want 300, to drop every day. I don't know if I'll be able to drop back, though. :)

moneyloveandchange said...

Thanks for the link - it is much appreciated! I really try to get to people every day, but I know that I miss people every once in awhile. Take it easy, and I like the new template!

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