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Fill the Cup

With all the talk about elections I thought I would write about a different topic. I read an article today about Drew Barrymore and a very charitable donation. She announced on Oprah Winfrey's show that she was donating 1 million dollars to the World Food Programme's "Fill the Cup" campaign. What interested me was that she was donating her own money towards the cause. Barrymore used her announcement to kick start the campaign and is one of the World Food Programmes ambassadors against hunger.

What's most interesting is that just a simple cup of porridge can make a large difference in a hungry child's life. It will give them energy and essential nutrients to help them learn in school. The "Fill the Cup" campaign is aiming to feed 59 million hungry school children in developing countries. The executive director of the World Food Programme, Josette Sheeran said that just $50 will fill a child's cup for a year, that's pretty impressive if you ask me.

There are a lot of hungry children out there in developing countries, not just in our own backyards. A lot of children will go hungry today and reputable charities are trying to help them. Are you willing to donate a little cash to a worthy cause? I'm sure the World Food Programme will accept smaller donations than 1 million dollars; you can find a link to contribute on their website. You can find more information on the W.F.P. on their website, check it out and give it some thought.

News Story: Drew Barrymore donates $1 mln to feed Kenyan kids


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