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Daylight Savings Time

As some of you know, Southern Ontario has been hit with another winter storm. I had to dig my car out again. March seems to be coming in like a lion. I hope this means that spring is on its way. Also we had to turn the clocks ahead an hour last night so lost an hour of sleep.

Last year I heard that when we change the clocks the number of car accidents increase over the following couple of days. This is not really good news, but afterwards the insurance companies may see a rise in the number of claims. But it's not all bad news; we get to see more daylight now. Not only that but spring is not far away, the days are getting longer and sun is getting warmer.

After yesterday's snow fall, I had to shovel my car out of the driveway, even though I knew that the clocks had been changed ahead an hour; it still felt like it was an hour earlier. So the mountain of snow in the picture on this post is now sitting outside of my house. I had to take the picture with my camera phone, but I think it turned out pretty good. Anyway, now that every thing has been set an hour ahead, I'm finally ready to actually lose an hour's sleep before I go back into work on Monday, I just hope they've changed the clocks so the day doesn't seem any longer than the usual Monday.


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