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One Hour For the Planet

Did you know that this Saturday March 29, 2008 households and businesses will be turning their lights off for a full hour? I have seen different blogs with posts about "Earth Hour" and I finally have seen an article about it one my favourite News Network's website. Apparently Canadians are jumping on the band wagon for this event. You know if enough people participate and turn off all of their electrical devices for 1 hour, it could actually make a difference.

I have been thinking about what kind of a decrease in carbon emissions we would see from turning all the lights out for one hour. It probably will not be a large amount; but we will not truly know for sure until after the event. I'm sure that there will be a decrease but just how noticeable will it be? Should this one hour for the planet going to be worth it?

There is one thing I am positive about; 240000 people refusing to use electricity across a continent for one hour will make a small difference. Although just one hour out of 366 days this year may not be enough to make an impact. Let's take a look at what the fraction would look like; it looks like this 1/8784 and the decimal equivalent is so small that I will not bother showing you. Here's another thing to ponder; is too hard to go with out electricity for one hour a day? Or even at the very least one hour a month? If we really want to make a relevant effort to reduce emissions, one hour every month by the same number of people would certainly make a difference. I'm going to leave you with one last thought; there once was a time when we all went without electricity, is it that much of an issue that we all cannot go one hour a day without electricity?

News Story:Canadians jump on Earth Hour bandwagon


A. said...

I think, though I may be wrong on this, that in Sydney where it all started, it has had a measurable difference. But I believe the main point is jut that - to make a point! To show that people do care, to think about the planet, to make others take note, hopefully.

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