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Open Skies = Greater Competition

Just today there was an interesting article about opening up the skies. As of Sunday airline companies based in the European Union can now fly from the Americas to a country other than the country of their origin. This will probably bring more volume and quite possibly cheaper tickets. Usually the case is when supply increases fares go down.

In the same article there was also a recommendation for Canadian airlines. Canada's Competition Bureau has pressed Ottawa to be a little more lax in the ownership restrictions on Canadian airline companies. This would encourage more competition in the market and benefit all Canadians.

As for what this means for Canadians; well we could be seeing some cheaper airfare to Europe. We could also see more competition for flights within Canada. With more competitive markets we could start to see lower airfares making travel more affordable. Well that was just my opinion; what's yours?

News Story: Open Skies agreement to spur 'new era' in transatlantic flight
Image Source: Wiki Media Commons


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