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Cleaner Skies

I just read one of the best news articles I've seen in a while. Hydrogen is a very simple element but the diversity of applications for hydrogen are numerous; for example hydrogen can now be used for flight. I know that balloons and airships in the past have been using hydrogen to stay aloft but this is an entirely different application. In this application, Boeing has test flown a single engine plane powered by a hydrogen fuel cell and the three test flights confirm that Eco-friendly planes are on the horizon. There were only three twenty minute flights of the aircraft; but those three flight represents a tangible future for Eco-friendly avionics. The best part about these test flights is that they were manned flights requiring an actual pilot to fly the aircraft.

The best thing about hydrogen powered flight is that it greatly reduces the amount of greenhouse gases put directly in our atmosphere. I certainly hope that there will be more development in fuel cell technology especially in the air transport industry. Reducing our dependency on fossil fuels for transport will inevitably reduce our carbon footprint on our environment which will benefit not just Canadians but everybody around the globe.

As for how this would affect Canadians, well I can only guess. But having airplanes powered by renewable and environmentally friendly fuel would only benefit everyone by reducing hydrocarbon emissions and possibly reducing the cost of air fare. I am certainly not an expert but fuel cell technology is worth exploring more of the possible uses. We all would be able to breathe a little easier with less greenhouse gases in the air. Thats my opinion, what do you think?

Image source: Wiki Media Commons
News Article: Hydrogen-powered airplane takes flight: Boeing


Thriell said...

For a while you couldn't turn on the television without hearing about someone designing a car that ran from a hydrogen fuel cell, but suddenly all that talk just stopped.

Wonder if there's an exec at Exxon who could explain why?

--pandi merdeka nurdiansyah-- said...

yeah the idea is not only alternative energy, but a friendly environment energy. it is hard home work but it must be done. we need more oxygen and the earth need more rest

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