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What Ever!

Today I was excited to find this little card in my mailbox when I got home. But then I made the mistake of checking my page rank. Last time I checked my page rank was about two weeks ago, right before I decided to start using Mozilla for my Internet browser; it was at 3/10. I was quite happy with that page rank after all I had looked into what would help your PR increase and had worked hard to get there. Today I found out that I no longer have a PR which explains to some extent why I only get 1 or 2 hits from search engines instead of the 8 to 15 I was getting two or three weeks ago.

I do want to know why I got slapped by Google? Was I just not posting enough to keep the PR? Was it because it took almost 4 weeks for a little card going air mail to reach me from California, which I could drive to in less time? Or was it because my traffic increased more than you thought was natural? There are lots and lots of questions I could ask and I know that the big conglomerate that is Google will never answer a single one! Which is why I am saying "WHAT EVER!" I really don't have the time or the energy to worry about why my page rank went from 3 to 0. Personally I think its down right ignorant but they don't care do they? Anyway I just had to get this little rant off my chest; maybe I'll be able to sleep better tonight. This has been my opinion, if you've been slapped by Google leave me a comment and let me hear your story.

Image: My phone took the picture of a card from Google before I knew what was happening!


sabriena said...

I've been slapped by google on a few of my sites. Of course I do paid blogging though so it was only a matter of time :( Sorry to hear you got slapped too!

Daryl W.T. Lau said...

Hi Majik.. actually a lot of bloggers around the world faced the same situation mainly due to sponsored posts. Google are penalizing bloggers who takes them and a close blogger lady friend of mine got her PR5 blog down to zero as well.

Life goes on though... sad to say we internet users gave them all the power and now we're at their back and call so to speak.


chris said...

My PR is still 0 and I am getting an average of 1000 hits everday. I don't sweat it.

Mo said...

Yes, I had a blog that was bitch-slapped by Google.
I ended up deleting it out of frustration. Now, that was probably childish of me, but whatever.
It's happened to lots of us.
Ironically, you have lots of Google AdSense ads on your site - you'd think they'd want to keep your PR up so they can make $ off your ads.

Ellen said...

It hasn't happened to me yet because I'm still working my a-- off to get up there. But I hear horror stories all the time when I'm blog hopping. I dread the day it happens to me and who knows it might probably will but hopefully I'll be prepared for it. Good luck getting your rank back up.

Ann said...

I wanted to leave a comment on this post earlier, but for some reason I couldn't get through...

Anyway, I would like to add "WHAT EVER!" I looked at my page rank a few months ago, and my google rank went from a 4 to a 2. And you're right the most frustrating part is not knowing why.

Why can't they just tell you what it is you're supposedly doing wrong so that you will at least have an opportunity to fix it.

I've decided they're just bullies and it's best to ignore them...I mean, I'm a writer, constructive criticism is a way of life for me.

Sadly, I've lost much respect for the search engine as businessmen. It is hard to try to budget your web site or make any kind of business plans with "Big Brother" frightening off your advertisers. I'm just sick about it.

Great post~


P.S. Thanks for letting me vent~ I hope I didn't come on too strong it's just so terribly frustrating...but "WHAT EVER!" you have a fantastic site~

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