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While I Was On Break

Well I'm back from my little break from blogging and I certainly feel better now. Anyway, I just wanted to share this little article I found while I was looking around for an interesting topic for my first post after the break. Within the article I found news of an Opera that was intended to be based on a part of American pop culture. We all know that the number of Celebrities in Hollywood certainly keep those tabloid magazines in business; because everybody just has to know. But this Opera is going to be based on the life story of Anna Nicole Smith and will be written by the same British writer who penned Jerry Springer - the Opera.

We all know who Anna Nicole Smith was and we even watched her story unfold in the spotlight. Her life and death had some highlights and she certainly got her fifteen minutes of fame. But how many people would want to watch an opera about the buxom blond who first captivated us in the pages of Playboy magazine? As a Canadian watching glimpses of her story as it happened south of the Canada/U.S. border; I am already tired of it. Although to people on the other side of the world, this drama could be quite intriguing.

Now this really does not mean very much to the average Canadian, well at least if you're not one of Anna Nicole's fans. I am sure the Opera the British writer pens will be a smash hit in Europe; as for our own shores I doubt it will fair as well as it does across the Atlantic. That just happens to be my opinion; how about sharing your opinion with me?

Image source: Wiki Media Commons
News Article: British writer penning opera about Anna Nicole Smith


beeker said...

Well her life was certainly dramatic. I could only imagine an opera written in a Southern dialect with little dogs running all over the stage.

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