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Democratic Indecision

As I was reading through a few articles on both of my favourite news network's websites I found an article about Hillary Clinton admitting that Senator Barrack Obama could win the presidential race this year. I have not been paying much attention to the primaries as of late considering that I am a Canadian and cannot vote in the U.S. Elections. As for my thoughts on voting, you really should take a stand and vote for who you think could best lead your country; do you really want some one else to speak for you? Anyway the last time I caught any primary coverage Clinton was slightly ahead of Obama in the polls; I now see that Obama has a little bit of a lead on Clinton.

It certainly seems like there is a lot of indecision on who will lead the democrats into the upcoming elections on November 4, 2008. The republicans have already nominated Senator John McCain, but the democratic nomination is still up for grabs. There still are 9 more primaries left to sort out the democrats nomination; but it seems as though people are split on who they want leading the democrat party.

Canadian politics are so very different in terms of choosing a party leader. For example members of the Liberal Party will nominate some one and the members of the party will elect their leader. Considering that we have at least 4 different parties on the ballot in federal elections this is much easier than having campaign races for each party leader. Now I am not saying that the American Electoral system is wrong and should be changed to emulate the Canadian Electoral system, I am just pointing out a difference. In my opinion the race for the Democrat Nomination is dragging on.

In conclusion the race for the democratic nomination is very inconclusive (from my point of view). As for how the primaries affect Canadians; well we do see a lot of American television and I am sure some of us Canadians are tired of hearing about how long the primaries are going on. I do not think we will see a clear victor in the race to win the presidential nomination until after the remaining primaries are concluded. I am sure that our Prime Minister will work with whoever wins the presidential race regardless of whether it is Clinton, Obama or McCain. We have the largest border with the U.S. and we also share one of our favourite past times (hockey), so of course we will work with whoever wins the election. But the Stanely cup playoffs are underway so choose your candidate and vote for them; hopefully these primaries will have concluded soon so we all can wonder about whether a democrat or a republican will lead the U.S. for the next four years. This has been my opinion; what's yours?

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News Article: Clinton admits Obama could win White House


Erica said...

American politics is pretty crazy, no? At times it seems rather archaic to me (and I'm an American myself!)

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