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Looking Back

I wanted to take a minute to reflect on this past month. I know that April still has a couple of days left in it, but the end of the month was all I could think about today. It has been a rather interesting month so far and my traffic has exceeded my goals for this month. I started the month on a break from blogging and right after my break my traffic increased tremendously. I have to Thank everyone for stopping by my little corner of the web to drop your card and/or a comment. I do owe a lot of my traffic to those who come here from either Entrecard or my ad on some one Else's Entrecard widget.

Some of you may have noticed that I have started posting a "Wordless Wednesday" these past couple of weeks. I will try to keep wordless Wednesday up from now on, although I may need to purchase a new camera. I hope you like coming back for a read I will be trying to post more often so you will have something new to come back and read. But for now I will end with some link love for the top 5 Entrecard droppers this month.

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Life In the Internet
Diet Pulpit
Media Morgue


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