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Starbucks vs Tim Hortons, Version 2.0

I have mentioned in previous posts that I would be doing another post on Starbucks versus Tim Horton's. Well as I was getting my second coffee of the morning before I got to work I found out that not only has Tim Horton's raised their price of coffee but also Starbucks as well. Last time the price of a cup of coffee went up, it did not bother me at all. However this time it did; it was a little different this time.

This time I found out about a 5 cent increase to the price of coffee at Starbucks, no real big deal there, earlier this week Tim Horton's raised their prices by 7 cents to keep up with competition. This is what was different; not only was my morning coffee higher than yesterday, but also my coffee at lunch was an additional 4 cents higher than my morning coffee from the same coffee shop! That just really bothered me, last time I checked it was coffee and not the stock market.

The part that bothers me the most is that at least if you go to Timmie's and get a large double double they will put the cream and sugar in the coffee for you. Tim Horton's has far superior service compared to the treatment you get at Starbucks. Not only is Starbucks over priced but you also have to put the cream and sugar in your coffee yourself. Some people like that but to me it just shows a lack of service and for the new price of Grande Bold, you shouldn't have to carry a lidless cup of hot coffee over to a cluttered counter top to make your coffee.

I know that Starbucks mostly gives black coffee to different patrons, the whole atmosphere is different including the retro music playing throughout the shop. Whereas Tim Horton's offers you much better value for your money, except maybe in the choice of coffee blends they offer. On most days going through a busy drive through at Tim Horton's will take 15 minutes at most, over at Starbucks you have to wait about 15 minutes in the drive through when there is only one car in front of you. Makes me ask the question: "What are they growing the coffee first?" Maybe I'm just a little impatient but come on, it does not take 15 minutes to pour three or four coffees and put cream and sugar in them.

In any case I am just blowing off some steam because seeing two price increases in one day really got me angry. We get gouged everywhere else, why not at the coffee shop too, right? Anyway I am sure every one has their own opinions on these two coffee franchises, this is just my opinion anyway. How about sharing your opinion?

Image: 2 coffee cups photographed with a Samsung m300 cell phone.

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Anonymous said...

Man, you must have it good. I wish my biggest gripe was having to put cream and sugar in my own coffee instead of having it done for me!

Jack Payne said...

Starbuck's throws out the services menu along with its coffee. This is why you see so many Internet fanatics with their laptops humming away in so many Starbucks. Free hookups is great promo.

BillyWarhol said...

Starbucks Sucks fer Sure*

I'm impressed with the Food @ Tim's - Great Muffins + Donuts + Bagels + the Chili is Fantastic - I was impressed - for Fast Food it's very Good*


Lori said...

Then there's McDonald's coffee, which is 69 cents a cup, any size...

I have a once-a-week Starbucks habit, which still costs a fortune. I buy their chai, not coffee, which costs me nearly $4USD a cup. Multiply that by 52.... oy!

Tim Horton's has a great reputation, though we here in the States can't get it. But the minute we're over that border into Ontario, I'm stopping at the first rest area for it!

Anonymous said...

Perhaps you've not heard that there is a food crisis around the world, which affects prices everywhere, especially restaurants. This is not due to competition or the stock market.

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