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Advantage In Worldwide Rental Cars

There are quite a few places I would like to travel to and one of the most important aspects of traveling for me is finding a good car rental. Now if I am going to visit family on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean I would not have to worry about it; but if I was to say go visit a friend in another country I would want to rent a car. I was looking to travel to Europe a little while ago and did a little searching to see if I could book a rental for a vacation and I found "Advantage Rent a Car" recently and thought the company deserved a little attention.

I spent some time on their website just checking to see how easy it was to navigate through; it was easy enough for me to find what I was looking for quickly. I checked out their featured specials as well. They have some good deals on right now, if you are looking to travel through the US; hop on over to their website and take a look at their rates. I also wanted to check out their extra coverage options for those situations that you cannot plan for. Their insurance coverage is up to par with other competitors. The rates for Supplemental Insurance are competitive.

There are quite a few good points that I could go into more detail with; but as I was only planning to do a quick review I'll have to let you decide for yourself. I do think that their rates are very competitive; they have good quality specials and great coverage for those unexpected perils of the road. Over all I would give this car rental company a good rating; I'm even going to choose them over one of their competitors. Would you be willing to give them a chance to earn your business?


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Tam said...

I don't envy the people who run car hire companys. So many people thrashing the hell out of all those poor little gearboxes.

Good luck to them, and good luck to you on your payperpost debut.

Majik2903 said...

@ Aneesh

Thanks for the link, the top commentators widget looks good now that I've installed it.

@ Jim Gerl

Thanks for the vote, returned the favor

@ Tam

I've had my share of rentals but most of them have had automatic gearboxes. Thanks for the good luck wish.

Properties in Bangalore said...

i am trying to rent a car to go home for christmas and im only 18 so they all are telling me i cant rent one. Does anyone know of a rental car place that doesnt have age restrictions?

tattoos said...

Well the first person certainly covered all the bases on where to go, eat and shop. But i just wanted to throw it out there that you will defintely need a car in LA. You can rent one right at LAX, they have a huge area just for car rentals.

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