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Attention: Looking for Guest Bloggers Anyone Interested?

Yes that's right I have decided that I want to have a Guest Blogger. As for how often, I'm thinking at the bare minimum, once a month. Any guest spot here on Majik's Thoughts will have to keep a Canadian perspective in mind. As my blog is about bringing a Canadian View to the masses, a Canadian blogger would be preferred but any nationality will be accepted. If you are interested in writing a guest post about anything that can reflect a Canadian view or a current event that affects Canada as a whole please leave a comment with your Entrecard User Link or your Blog Catalog user link so I can reach you with more information.

Examples of User ID's I'm looking for to get in touch with anyone interesting in being a guest blogger here: - Entrecard User ID - Blog Catalog User ID


exinco said...

good strategy. i do this before but because of more task to do,i cannot contribute to those blog

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