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My Trip Out: Wordless Wednesday

I took a trip out to the beach today and discovered a few interesting views that I wanted to share with you

I found some Canadian geese while I was down there, they were one of the best views I got to see.

And no trip to the beach is complete with out seeing a flock of seagulls. Thanks for stopping by and taking a brief look at my trip to the beach.


Drowsey Monkey said...

Flock of Seaguls ... weren't they an 80s band? LOL

Nice photos! Isn't it great living near the water? I just love it.

boss65 said...

liked the pics you took ...some times i wish my boss would have a worldless monday thru friday.

I Have More Money! said...

What lake is that? I live next to Lake Superior in the States. Lake Superior eats other lakes for breakfast!

pinoy naruto said...

hi there, what do you use to take those pictures they are really great! :D

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