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Are Fuel Efficient Jets Possible?

According to Bombardier, a Canadian company the produces trains and plains it is possible. The regional C series jet is designed to be more fuel efficient. They claim that it will use 20% less fuel than any other aircraft in its class. A remarkable claim; it is also said that the jet is quieter then most which is another benefit to this new aircraft.

Bombardier has been a manufacturer of planes and trains for years and this new jet will open about 2500 new manufacturing jobs in Canada. The majority of the assembly will be done in Mirabel Quebec which is good for the Canadian economy. Bombardier has up to five potential customers seeking a total of 200 of these aircraft.

This is very good for Canadians, now we don't have to head west for better paying jobs, some of those better paying jobs will be closer than they were before. The rivalry between central Canada and western Canada will continue, but at least it will bolster support for our economy to keep our dollar strong on foreign exchange markets. Now if only our government would consider replacing our aging F-18's. Preferably with a Canadian build fighter. Hmm....

Image Source: Wiki Media Commons
News Source: Bombardier announces new fuel-efficient regional jet


Joyntheir said...

With the cost of fuel going up, the airlines will have to find economical ways of flying, or the tickets will cost so much the common person will not be able to afford one. Then the airlines will go out of business, along with the plane manufactures, the airports, and the FAA. We might have to get more fuel efficient trains and buses before this is all over.

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