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How About a Nice New Pair of "Specs"

I have been looking for a new pair of eyeglasses lately. I still have to go and get a new prescription but that has not stopped me from looking around. I found an interesting website while I was looking for a new pair of "specs." I had no idea that I could order my new pair of glasses online. I heard about Zenni Optical with the help of the Clark Howard Show a nationally syndicated consumer advocate.

I do not normally shop online, not to say that I haven't just that I don't normally; but with the amount of choices available on the Zenni Optical home page, one word: Wow. The prices of the eyeglasses are absolutely the best I have seen yet! Who wouldn't want to get a pair of glasses for $8? I did some reading on the website and they can offer such a low price because they manufacture the eye wear and sell it directly to you the consumer. No middlemen keeping the cost to you down.

Another option they have is to get some stylish clip on polarized sun shades. An extra $4 is worth it. You could just clip on your sun glasses before you drive and not have to deal with any glare.

The multitude of selections for different frames seems to be never ending. I spent a good 45 minutes just looking through their selections. I am going to have to tell my Mom and Sister-in-law about this website (of course after I've got my new pair of glasses). I am sure that they would love the prices and selection Zenni Optical has. Do you know anyone who could benefit from stopping here to pick up a pair of eyeglasses?


Sassy Mama Bear said...

I have to ask, would you really buy eyeglasses online? I know I couldn't because I've had problems just using the local optical centers and needed to go back for adjustments. Curious thought though.
Now get out and get that eye exam :)

Majik said...

I have to get my eye exam first, but with those prices I think I will. It certainly is at least worth a try.

Mandi said...

If you do this, let me know. I get my contacts online, but frames...well that's hard enough in person. A friend posted a picture of me from JR High on her MySpace page - and the size of the glasses from back then! I was scared!

Majik2903 said...


After I get my eye exam and my new "specs" in the mail I will try to remember to write another post about it.

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