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What Does July 4th Mean to Me?

As a Canadian I don't generally celebrate Independence Day with my neighbors to the south. In past years the 4th has fallen on a Thursday and most people in the US will get a four day long weekend which has made a lot of Canadians that I have spoken with envious. When one of our Statutory Holidays land on any day during the work week other than a Monday or a Friday we either end up with an odd work schedule or off on the Monday or Friday and working the day of the holiday at straight time.

Every nation has the right to set their own National Holidays and I do wish all of my American readers and friends a Happy 4th of July weekend. I hope you all celebrate your Independence Day responsibly and remember your forefathers who forged your nation. This has been a week of National Birthdays, Canada celebrated our birthday on Tuesday the 1st of July and now today the United States will celebrating their Independence Day.

To me July 4th is just another day. I am interested in some of the activities that Americans take part in on their Nations birthday. I already know that you'll be watching many different fireworks displays across your nation. Its the smaller details I don't know about. How important is it to be with family on a national holiday in the US? I don't know that's why I ask. In years gone by I've heard about people will be having a BBQ to celebrate, drinking of course usually takes place. But up here in Canada, it is just another day.

In closing, I wish all Americans a safe and Happy 4th of July weekend. Enjoy yourselves this weekend and we will no doubt catch a glimpse of your fireworks via Television feeds from the US. Peace out!

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The Mommy and Me Boutique said...

Thank you for acknowledging our Celebration of Independence. It is a day to celebrate freedom and bring honor to our forefathers who fought for our freedom as to the young men and women throughout all of our U.S.history who fight and continue to fight to keep the United States free.

JesieBlogJourney said...

Reminder of brave and unselfish heroes in American history. I miss watching the fireworks in Washington D.C.

Jaz said...

Thank you for noticing our holiday. It's likely that most Americans do not return the favor. In fact, it's likely that most of us do not even know your holidays. We are an arrogant bunch, aren't we. No, don't be polite.

We do like to be with family on most holidays. My extended family is always together on our Thanksgiving and on Christmas. We have a large meal for Thanksgiving but smallish one for Christmas because the gift unwrap is the big deal that day. It shouldn't be but it is.

As for the other holidays, we do celebrate Easter. The 4th is less celebrated within our family these days because of expense. It is colossally expensive to buy fireworks. In our case, we live in a rural area so fireworks displays, although available, are hard to get to for us. We prefer to stay home and veg out in front of the television with a good movie, like "Independence Day". LOL!

The Mommy and Me Boutique said...

Thanks for bringing it to my attention; correction was made on my blog: TheMommyandMeboutique.

wildcatsthree said...

Well, I notice and give thought to the Canadian holidays as they are listed on our calendars. Many times yours are very close to ours. And thank you for the post about our independence day. We don't all get a 4 day holiday though. In fact I can't ever remember getting more than 3 days off, and that's when it falls on Friday or Monday like this year. But we own our own business and any time closed means less income. The fireworks and barbeques with friends or family are big here for the 4th and I think it pulls us all together as a nation for that one day at least. Again thank you for your post. And happy belated Canada Day to you!

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