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Good Ol' Barack Takes a Tour

I certainly am no authority on American politics, but as a Canadian seeing Barack Obama visiting Afghanistan; I can think of a few questions. Now I read from one of my favorite news sources that Barack Obama would be meeting with the Prime Minister of Afghanistan as well as the Prime Minister of Iraq. Both Canada and the US have troops stationed in Afghanistan so I read on. Here's the part where I raised an eyebrow. Obama wants to redeploy some troops that are stationed in Iraq to Afghanistan. What does this mean for the Canadian Mission in Afghanistan?

Well more troops to support the efforts in Afghanistan would be in Canada's interest. I remember not that long ago that we Canada were calling for some support from the nations allied in this war on terrorism. What is Obama doing? Now unfortunately all Canadians lost a soldier recently and as our thoughts are also with the fallen soldiers family I can't help but wonder why Obama would want to redeploy to Afghanistan. Is there a chance that Canada may be pulling out of Afghanistan? I don't know about that one but what do Canadians think about it?

My guess about whether or not Obama gets elected into office and is able to redeploy troops to Afghanistan is that it could happen. Shifting the spotlight from Iraq to Afghanistan is definitely a good political move so this just might be a good move for his campaign. There was a big buzz about his foreign trip coming so long after his opposition Senator McCain. Senator McCain made his way over to the same areas but I do not remember much being covered on that. Everything is up in the air and the mudslinging and finally the Democratic Primaries have been wrapped up. Can Obama be the next president?

This little snapshot of his foreign policy can give us some insight into where he plans on taking the US. Clearly there has been much unrest about the war in Iraq and while the economic state of the US slowly dwindles it is possible that great change is coming. Now as for what Obama's visit to Afghanistan means to the average Canadian, well its just more campaigning except this time we don't hear about the Clintons. I remember some of the commercials running during our last elections, I posted a couple of videos of commercials that ran during our last election not that long ago, I'm wondering if anything similar will be running up until November 4th? Anyway as for the US election, chose wisely America one vote can make a difference even if you don't think its possible.

What do you think of Barack's Tour to Afghanistan and Iraq?

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Melissa said...

I think it is important to mention that the US is winning the war in Iraq and the Iraqi government is fulfilling more of it's goals that the US government is. I don't think Obama going to Iraq will change anything, I don't think he really cares what General Petraus will have to say.

The Natural State Hawg said...

I wouldn't worry too much about what Obama says or does as his views will change in about a week.

Once he gets beyond the "hope-dreams-change!" rhetoric, it's hard to follow just what the heck the man believes.

Before anyone starts in, that's NOT an endorsement of McCain (I'm not a huge fan of him, either).

Just my two cents...

The Natural State Hawg

Majik2903 said...

@ Melissa

From a Canadian view its hard to tell.

@ The Natural State Hawg

There have been many comments about both Hillary and Barack flip flopping during the primaries. It is going to be an interesting road to the Whitehouse and I can't speak for all Canadians but I think it is going to be entertaining as well.

Self-esteem Blog for Women said...

Hello...I am Canadian and I am what is know as the 'silent majority'
My thoughts on politics were never a lot, due to one factor...I could not trust any one specifically to warrant my vote. Is it not a fact that when one votes....they are choosing that person because they fully trust in their claims and promises?
As far as Obama's visit to Afghanistan...I believe it is purely a political campaign move or gesture on his part, nothing more.
On the other hand...what it is saying to Canada, USA and Afghanistan people is another story. One we will have to deal with and as always pay for after the election strategies are over and done with.
Thanks for the actually prompted me to say something about politics.
Have a great day!

Majik said...


Thanks for stopping by. When I go to vote it's not a matter of trust; because once they get in and start dealing with all of the issues they have a tendency to change their goals for their term. I have always gone by who comes across as some one who can handle the every changing issues that face a nation.

I think you are right about Obama's trip to Afghanistan being purely political. How he deals with foreign affairs will greatly influence the voters. I still think we will have to wait until there is a new president in the Oval office before we can draw any conclusions on what it will mean to us as Canadians.

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